The Order of the Stone

  • Female Jesse is renamed "Jessie".
  • Soren is at EnderCon instead of Gabriel. The choice is now between Petra and Soren.
  • Whoever you save comes into the Nether with you.
  • Ivor's full title is revealed to be Ivor the Apothecary.
  • Petra/Soren will suggest finding Gabriel. The choice is now Find Gabriel, Find Magnus, or Find Ellegaard.

Assembly Required

  • If Soren is still with the group, he will tell Jesse about the Formidi-Bomb. If he isn't, Ellegaard will.

The Last Place You Look

  • Jesse has to choose between Gabriel and Magnus' armor. If Soren is still with the group, he will also offer his armor.

A Block and a Hard Place

  • This episode is split into two parts, the second one being Order Up!

Order Up!

  • This is the most changed episode due to it being the second half of ABAAHP and not going to sky city.
  • Lukas does not find the Ocelots regardless of your decisions.
  • Reuben's death is determinant.

The City Above

  • This episode does not exist in the original game.
  • The original order come with Jesse.
  • Aiden dies in this episode.
  • Jesse can choose to have Gill and Maya killed.

A Portal to Mystery

  • Stacy takes CaptainSparklez's death.
  • Jesse has the option to either bring Cassie and Winslow with him or leave them to die.

Access Denied

  • If Magnus survived episode 3, he will die in this episode.
  • If Soren survived episode 3, he can become double determinant in this episode.

A Journey's End?

  • If Jesse still has the cake from episode 5, ge can give it to Facemeat.